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Thermoibérica Aerothermia:

and ACS hot water

With maximum efficiency and savings

Our range provides a modern, efficient, and clean solution that guarantees comfort in your home while respecting the environment. It is an intelligent way to use nature’s resources in order to improve the quality of life.

We manufacture and supply our Aerothermal solutions as an effective, efficient, and affordable way to achieve heating, cooling, and hot water using clean energy.

Thermoiberica’s Aerothermics equipment:

The perfect complement to your photovoltaic installation. With maximum efficiency and savings

1 Monitoring / inverter

The monitoring panel / inverter manages the entire aerothermal system and solar panels.

2 Aerothermal (heat pump)

The aerothermal heat pump draws energy from the air, even in very cold climates, and uses it to increase or decrease the temperature in your home.

3 DHW storage tank (water)

The hot water is stored to supply the domestic hot water circuit in your home.

4 Heating, cooling, DHW

Supplied in the best conditions of optimisation and energy saving.
Thermoiberica recommends underfloor heating ROTH

5 Solar panels

Solar electricity generation is complemented by the aerothermal heat pump, making consumption even more efficient and economical.

Logistics platform

Delivering immediate service to any point in Spain and Europe

Robotized warehouse

With exit to loading dock to deliver in record time.

Effective and efficient

Just like our products. We meet the highest standards of quality and service.

Logistics platform

Ready to serve

Logistics platform in Spain. With three locations in the center, east and northwest, to serve the entire peninsula and Europe.

With a robotized warehouse to cover all areas of Spain and supply the rest of Europe in record time.

We manufacture in Europe with European technology.

We’re Europeans

Our equipments are designed and manufactured in Europe. Meeting or improving the specifications and quality standards in force.

Advantages of aerothermal energy

Why it is the best alternative:

Effective and efficient

Use of renewable energy sources

Comfortable and cost-effective

High comfort at minimum cost

Optimise resources

Aerothermics is all advantages

Swimming pools

Swimming pool water conditioning

High Temperature Heat HT

Even reusing existing radiators

Electric water heater replacement

With all the advantages of Aerothermics

We are manufacturers:

Aerothermics with Thermoiberica

Aerothermics for hot water and heating using renewable energies.

Highly specialised support service for a constant and capable service.

Integrated in your home with an installation adapted to all needs.

Get to know our range of solutions:

DHW Domestic hot water

The perfect solution for domestic hot water
Intelligently using energy efficiently, economically and, if you wish, ecologically sourced from renewable energy sources.

Climate control and heating

Equipment ready to provide the perfect comfort temperature, both in hot and cold days. Always with comfort and at the lowest energy cost available in the market.

Comfortable cooling

Efficient heating

Domestic hot water

Cleaner and renewable energy

Reduce your carbon footprint

Long-lasting and reliable construction

Solar friendly

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