FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the most common questions about this new and advanced system.
If you nevertheless have any questions about aerothermics, its advantages or our equipment, we will be happy to answer them:
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How does an aerothermal system work?

The operation of the aerothermal system is based on heat exchange between the system itself and the surrounding air.

This exchange takes place thanks to an air/water heat pump driven by an outdoor unit, which absorbs and recovers energy from the surrounding air and transfers it to the indoor unit and then transfers it to the circuit.

In other words, the heat pump absorbs heat from the outside air and transports it into the house.

What are the advantages of aerothermal energy?

Installing an aerothermal system is synonymous with savings and maximum efficiency.

On a practical level, aerothermal energy is silent, clean (it does not produce smoke or waste) and safe because it does not use any fossil fuels that need to be administered or stored and that pose any risk.

Aerothermics is also environmentally friendly.

Can I use the aerothermal system all year round?

Heat pumps provide heating, cooling provide heating, cooling and hot water in a single unit.They are designed to meet our air conditioning needs throughout the year. Its main use is to obtain heat energy from the outside, transform it and transport it to the inside of the house for heating comfort, but it can also transport heat in the opposite direction, i.e. from the inside of the house to the outside, cooling the rooms.

Is it more economical than other air conditioning systems?

One of the advantages of aerothermal systems is that a high percentage of the energy it uses is extracted directly from the air.. This does not mean that the system is totally free and not dependent on other energy sources. In fact, heat pumps require electrical power to operate. However, the aerothermal system is capable of producing much more energy than it consumes, and that is the key to its savings. In terms of final consumption, aerothermal heat pumps use approximately 75% renewable energy and 25% electrical energy, making it more efficient than other energies. The return on investment occurs after the fourth year, although it depends on the specific aerothermal system, the geographical area, etc.

Will it take longer to amortize the investment in cold areas?

In areas with sub-zero winters, the system may not be able to capture all the heat demanded by the home from the outside. In these cases, the aerothermal system has a support system that the equipment manages autonomously and guarantees heating and comfort. This support resistance is electrical and consumes energy, but it will only come into operation when the pump naturally fails to meet the demand of the house, which will rarely occur and only in areas in temperature ranges -25º.

I am going to make a renovation, can I install an aerothermal system?

There are no restrictions on aerothermal systems, although the general trend is to install them in newly constructed houses and buildings. Even so, its efficiency has made it an increasingly common system in offices, cinemas, airports, sports centers, clinics, etc. It is true that in the case of older buildings the distance between outdoor and indoor units must be checked so that it is not above the maximum limits and so that the circulation pump reaches all distances without problems.

In the case of renovations, the installation of aerothermal energy may be conditioned by the type of reform we want to do and if we want to put radiators or underfloor heating and must also take into account that it will occupy more space.

Can I combine aerothermal energy with other air conditioning systems?

Heat pumps can be integrated with other energy generating systems such as solar systems or gas and oil boilers. In this second case we would speak of a “hybrid heating system” especially useful to take advantage of the existing boiler in a house by connecting it to a heat pump. The aerothermal system with boiler saves up to 60% of energy because we get advantages of both technologies: on the one hand we have the efficiency of a renewable energy and on the other hand the speed of heat generation of the boilers.

Solar systems, on the other hand, are a very efficient hot water production system that, together with aerothermal systems, allow double savings and guarantee free hot water. If we also combine it with photovoltaic panels, we take advantage of the solar radiation to produce the electrical energy that would be consumed by the heat pump.

What kind of maintenance does an aerothermal system need?

Residential or domestic aerothermal systems require minimal maintenance. Since the coolant circuits are completely closed, they should not be checked or refilled. The cleaning of the indoor unit is similar to that of a conventional air conditioner and only the filters should be cleaned. The outdoor unit and the more technically complex hydraulic circuit should be checked by a professional.

Its cleanliness reduces the consumption of the equipment motors (pump and fan) when transporting fluids. Aerothermal systems offer integrated air conditioning solutions by generating heating, cooling and sanitary hot water. Its installation is totally safe and its profitability, high thanks to energy savings from day one, will allow you to recover your investment in a few years.